We can't fix the world... but we can help.

Current Fundraising Project:

On May 28th I will be running the Great Manchester Run Half Marathon in aid of the wonderful Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer's research and support is an issue very close to my heart as it has touched my family in the past and is becoming a larger issue for many other families the world over. The Alzheimer's Society is trying to help on two fronts. Firstly providing help, care and support for those that suffer from Alzheimer's and their families and secondly funding scientific research into treatment and a possible cure. 

Running a Half Marathon is a GIANT task for me. To date I have never run farther than any of the distances I covered in PE back in School. Before I started training for this I got out of breath from a sustained run of more than a minute. 

But hey, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing something big! 

Please consider sponsoring me over on the right, in person or directly at www.justgiving.com/mattdysonbird every penny counts!




Header photo by Ant Rozetsky