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Pop the Kettle on
It's Go Time

Nerd × Tea Drinker × Comic Artist × Idiot


Located next to a slowly cooling mug of tea in the North of England Matt is a "Professional Nerd"

Matt is a big old nerd and he loves it

Matt is a 30 something year old comic artist from Yorkshire. Over the last 10 years he has published several books in the UK, traveled to more comic conventions than he can count, taught children's drawing workshops, built 3d printers, run games of Dungeons & Dragons and generally just been a geek. 

He is working on a new comic series which should see the light of day somewhere before the heat death of the universe and roughly 456 other projects on the go at any one point. 

With all that said, hit him up on social media, he's a pretty chill guy.

 - Totally not written by Matt in 3rd person